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Published on Nov 26 2022

Ag Equipment Operator

$14.68  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Feb 1, 2023 to Nov 30, 2023


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Arnold Farms Inc

Also known as: Arnold Farms, Inc.

4901 N. Wagner
Malta, MT 59241
United States

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Job description

Agricultural employee is required to work with many different types of farm machinery for soil preparation, crop planting and harvesting. Worker will be required to drive and control farm equipment to till soil, seed/plant, fertilize, cultivate and harvest small grain crops, pulse crops and hay. Employee is required to maintain and make minor repairs of the equipment they operate. Mechanical skills and experience are required to use equipment necessary to perform the tasks above. The worker is also required to attach farm implements, such as plow, disc, or harvester, to tractor, using mechanic’s hand tools; load and unload grain truck manually or using hand truck, loader, or transfer auger; and clean out grain bins. To work as an general farm hand requires physical coordination, decision-making ability, mechanical aptitude and driving skills. The ability to listen to and follow verbal directions is imperative. The job entails working outdoors in all types of weather (extreme heat, cold, wind dust, rain and snow). Worker must crouch, bend, lift and carry items weighing up to 100 pounds. Worker is required to have a current driver’s license. Increased wages or bonus may be possible depending on experience.

Special Requirements

Extended Work Hours required during seeding, haying, and harvest.
See Addendum C

Employer Contact Info


[email protected]

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