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Published on Nov 28 2023

Farmworkers And Laborers, Crop

$17.34  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Jan 15, 2024 to Nov 15, 2024


2427 Co Hwy 51
Halstad, MN 56548
United States

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Job description

Tissue culture potato plantlets. Prep tissue culture media and disposable containers. Prep greenhouse for planting plantlets and microtubers. Lay drip irrigation tubes and plumb feeder tubes into watering system. Pull leaf samples for testing. Harvest, grade, size tubers for seed storage. Replace greenhouse soil. Grade, ship, pack seed potatoes. Clean & disinfect all work areas. Crops: Seed potatoes

No mobile phones/smart watches allowed during work hours.

Work as needed on Saturday and Sunday.

1 hour lunch break.

Special Requirements

Employment reference. Ability to reach 44 inches standing laterally at a table, possess quick hand-eye dexterity, detail oriented, ability to multi-task. Ability to speak/understand English.

Must communicate in English while on the job. Failure to comply may result in being sent home for the remainder of the day with no pay.

Smoking, vaping, recreational drugs, and tobacco products (including chew) are prohibited.

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Did you know that... H-2A and H-2B visa holders are entitled

to reimbursement for the cost of their trip and their visas?

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