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Published on Feb 26 2024

Farmworker, Wire Fencing

$17.96  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Dec 31, 2023 to Oct 31, 2024


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DBA Alpine Ranch Division
Also known as: DBA Alpine Ranch Division

45113 State Hwy 118 Alpine TX. 79830
Alpine , TX 79830
United States

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Job description

When fencing workers will be required to tear down and reinstall fences. The removal process in taking down consist of removing metal post and all damaged fence/wire and any debris that is obstructing the path. In the installation process workers will need to prepare acreage for new installation of the metal T post or cedar post. Will be using heavy equipment while ranch fence is being installed. Maybe required to repair equipment or maintenance during work hours. For task to be completed. Maybe required to build holding pens, ranch gates needed as holding station, water station for the livestock. Workers may also be required to heard cattle to move from one location to other as fence is being repair/ rebuilt.

Employer Contact Info


[email protected]

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J-1 visa holders are given a 30-day grace period to prepare to return to their home country?

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