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Published on Nov 27 2021

Field Worker (agricultural Field Irrigators) & Calvan Driver

$14.77  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Mar 29, 2021 to Nov 6, 2021


Ranch 1, Hiserman: Hwy 101 and Patricia Lane
Greenfield, CA 93927
United States

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Job description

Field Worker: Baby Leaf, Agriculture Field Irrigators and CalVan Drivers to perform the following duties:

Baby Leaf harvesters fill totes with baby leaf product, load filled totes onto field trailers, stack filled totes onto field trailers, transfer totes from field trailers into reefer trailers using a pallet jack, tractor driver pulling trailers. The process is repeated. Workers are responsible for the cleaning of equipment and maintenance of the yard.

Agriculture Field Irrigators: Move sprinkler irrigation pipe, set up fields for irrigation, lay drip tape, pick up pipe on to trailers, weld drip tape, stack irrigation pipe, and check and unplug sprinklers.

Workers may occasionally and/or sporadically perform duties associated with and directly related to the primary duties. Such work will be temporary and unsubstantial agricultural labor.

Cal Van Driver Specifications:

1. Employee may drive Cal Van over the road.
2. Employee picks up workers from different housing sites/pick up points and takes them to an assigned work site and at the end of the day takes them back to the housing site/pick up point.
3. In order to drive a Cal Van, Employees must possess valid drivers license (state issued) and must be able to pass Class B Physical exam and register as an FLCE driver. The employer will be responsible for the cost of the California Drivers License, Class B Physical Exam, and registration as an FLCE driver (if any).

All employees in this position (H-2A as well as corresponding domestic workers), will be given the opportunity to obtain a drivers license (DL) and register as an FLCE driver on a voluntary basis. The DL and FLCE Certificate are not a pre-hire job requirement. No job applicant will be denied an employment opportunity due to a lack of a DL or FLCE Certificate at the time of application and/or hiring. Further, no worker (H-2A or corresponding domestic worker) will be terminated for failure to obtain a DL or FLCE Certificate.

Special Requirements

Minimum Job Qualifications:

1 month of baby leaf harvesting experience. Specific requirements include lifting up to 50 pounds frequently and able to use hand tools, including cutting knives. Must be able to work under conditions where skin and clothing become heavily soiled with mud, water, grease, etc. Must be able to work outdoors in inclement weather conditions, including rain, cold, high winds, etc. Work involves frequent bending and working in bent or stooped positions. Must be able to walk and stand up extensively. No smoking, alcohol, firearms in the field or residential housing.

Employer Contact Info


[email protected]

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