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Published on Nov 27 2021

Farm Worker And Animal

$13.03  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Nov 16, 2021 to Sep 15, 2022


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Star Ranch of Ozona, LLC

Star Ranch, LLC
6202 FM 2083

Ozona, TX 76943
United States

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Job description

November through December, workers will harvest alfalfa, wheat, sorgo and oats. Winter feed is being prepared for livestock.
January through March, livestock management care, assisting 50 mares as well as cows with the new born babies, colts and calves are taken care of during the process of giving birth: inside barns and stables the animals:(mares and cows are taken care, feeding and watering observing the deliverance of their babies. They are managed and cared in stables inside barns because of the cold weather., cleaning and helping the mother with deliverance process.
April through June workers will clean fields and prepare to cultivate crops. In addition, workers will vaccinate, ear tag, bathe and assist the new born with care management.
July through August (livestock) cattle and horses are put to graze on pastures, while workers repair fences.
Temporary help is not necessary during September and October work is being done by permanent workers.

Special Requirements

Must be able to work under extreme weather conditions.
Must be able to lift 50 lbs without help.

Employer Contact Info


[email protected]

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