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Published on Nov 27 2021


$16.34  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Dec 1, 2021 to Oct 1, 2022


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33205 SE Oxbow Dr
Gresham, OR 97080
United States

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Job description

GENERAL CONDITIONS: Field work begins at assigned time shortly after daylight. Work may be performed during light rain and in high humidity and in freezing or high heat temperatures. The worker may be required to work in the orchard when trees are wet with dew/rain and should have suitable clothing for variable weather conditions. Worker will lift or load up to 75lbs. . Amounts 50lbs and above: assistance allowed.

The Worker may never ride on agricultural equipment not designed for work related riding purposes or any other non-passenger intended equipment unless instructed and authorized by the employer or supervisor to do so. All work related injuries must be immediately reported to the crew leader, foreman, or supervisor. Workers compensation claims may be presented to any medical provider, through your employer or state agency if applicable.

This is a job description for field grown production, harvest, culture and care of nursery grown products. You'll typically be exposed to Dust, Dirt, Heat, Cold, Fumes, Noise, Vibration and water. Physically expect to be Lifting, Pulling, Reaching, Manipulating/Grasping, Carrying, Pushing, Shoveling, Bending, Twisting, Climbing and Squatting.

All tasks in this job description constitute one job; the employer may assign workers to different tasks on any day or to multiple tasks during the same day. Employees must perform the assigned work, and may not perform duties not included herein or work in areas not assigned without the specific authorization of the manager or supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Plant small trees in rows by hand. This requires the person to be bending all day.
Moving irrigation pipes around and doing other irrigation jobs. Examples of irrigation jobs may include, but are not limited to replacing and laying irrigation pipe when necessary.
Prepare trees in the field for budding.
Place metal/fiberglass stakes into the ground and tie tree to stake with tape by hand and with tape machine.
Place grow tubes on trees.
Pickup stakes from the ground and put them in piles. A small tractor picks up the piles left on the rows.
Remove buds and branches from trees in the field using hands, knives and pruners.
Pruning trees using hand held pruners. This job requires walking all day and bending if the pruning needs to be done on the lower part of the tree.
Pulling stakes by removing tape and using a puller to pull the stake from the ground. This job requires physical strength and bending and walking all day
Walk behind a tree digger and pickup trees from the ground to shake mud off. These trees can weigh 10-30 pounds depending on the size of the tree and the humidity of the ground. This job requires walking, bending, and twisting all day.
Pickup trees from the ground once the mud has been removed and load them onto a trailer. This job requires walking, bending, and twisting all day in different types of weather.
Store tied bundles of trees in the sawdust beds and cold storage buildings. The use of a shovel might be required to make space for new bundles. This job requires standing, twisting and bending all day
Assemble orders by pulling trees from the sawdust beds and cold storage buildings.
Loading trucks with plant material to be shipped to customers. Bundles of trees weighing up to 50 pounds.
Shovel work might be needed to dig ditches in the fields, dig trees that digger can't access.
Walk behind a seedling digger picking up the dug product and shaking off the mud.
Drive tractors as needed.
Able to direct work and communicate with other employees.
Follow company safety culture and policies. Wears appropriately required personal protection equipment.
Adhere to all company policies.
Able to lift at least 75 pounds. (Above 50 lbs assistance allowed)
Job requires working outdoors in the elements, around machinery and soil.

Special Requirements

4e) Must be able to lift and/or load 75lbs. Weights above 50lbs : assistance may be used.
4g) Work may take place when temperatures are below freezing and above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
4h) May require extensive pulling and/or pushing of tools, wheel barrows, etc.
4i) May require worker to sit and/or walk for extensive periods of time while sorting, clipping, examining, weeding, transporting, pruning, etc.
4j) Workers will be required to stoop and/or bend over while performing farm labor such as weeding, irrigating, pruning, picking, removing debris, etc.
4k) There will be repetitive movements while performing most of the farm labor duties, for example picking, sorting, pruning, shoveling, weeding, etc.
See Addendum C

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