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Published on Aug 16 2022


$1727.75  per month
Visa required: H-2A
From Feb 1, 2022 to Nov 30, 2022


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12646 Ranch Road 2688
Catarina, TX 78836
United States

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Job description

Perform any combination of the following tasks to attend to livestock on the open range: feeds and waters livestock, herds livestock to pasture for grazing; examines animals to detect diseases and injuries; assists with the vaccination of livestock by herding into corral and or stall, manually restraining animal on the range; applies medications to cuts and bruises; sprays livestock with insecticide; assists with castration; clips ID notches on or brands animals. Must be able to ride and handle horses in a manner to assure the safety of the worker, co worker, and livestock. Must be able to find and maintain bearings to grazing areas. Must be willing and able to occasionally live and work independently or in small groups of workers in isolated areas for extended periods of time. 9 hours per day is normal but workers may be on call for up to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Minimum 6 months verifiable work experience required. The majority of the work is performed on the open range.

Realizar cualquier combinación de las siguientes tareas para asistir a la ganadería en extensivo : alimentos y aguas ganado, rebaños de ganado en pastizales para el pastoreo ; examina los animales para detectar enfermedades y lesiones; ayuda con la vacunación del ganado por el pastoreo en corral y detener o restringir manualmente animales en el área de distribución; aplica medicamentos para cortes y contusiones ; sprays de ganado con insecticida ; ayuda con la castración ; muescas clips de identificación en las marcas o los animales ; pueden ayudar con el riego , la plantación y la cosecha de heno. Debe ser capaz de montar y manejar caballos de una manera de asegurar la seguridad del trabajador , compañero de trabajo , y la ganadería. Debe ser capaz de encontrar y mantener los rodamientos hacia zonas de pasto . Debe estar dispuesto y capaz de vivir y trabajar de forma independiente o en pequeños grupos de trabajadores en zonas aisladas durante largos períodos de tiempo de vez en cuando . 8 horas al día es normal, pero los trabajadores pueden estar de guardia durante 24 horas al día , 7 días a la semana . Mínimo 6 meses comprobable experiencia laboral requerida. La mayoría del trabajo se realiza en el campo abierto.

Special Requirements

The employer confirms that a minimum of 90% of the work contract shall be performed on the range for the total number of workdays requested. The ranch consists of hundreds of square miles of ground and is home to many thousand head of livestock. The ranch housing is located on the ranch and is considered traditional style housing, not tented temporary housing which is commonly found in many Range Herder operations. Although workers will be living in fixed site housing, they do not work in the house and do in fact spend their days on the open range. On Sundays when a worker is given the day off, other ranch personnel work in coordination to cover this day but, If a herders immediate attention is required on the range, such as a predator attack, the range worker is alerted to it via his two way radio or cell phone, both of which are provided to the range worker at no charge to the worker. See Addendum C

Employer Contact Info


[email protected]

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