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Published on Jun 15 2024

Agricultural Equipment Operator

$16.47  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Mar 1, 2022 to Nov 1, 2022


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18301 254th St NW
Carpio, ND 58725
United States

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Job description

Job duties include operating various farm equipment to till and plow soil, plant crops, fertilize or spray crops, cultivate crops, harvest crops, transport crops to the storage area or elevator, and haul hay on trailers. Equipment that employees will operate includes GPS auto steer systems, farm machinery, tractors, swather, baler, self propelled combine, grain truck, loader tractor to move manure, forklift, skid steer loader, ATV, UTV, semi trucks, service pickup trucks, and pickup trucks. Duties also include attaching implements to tractors as needed (plow, disc, drill, etc.); loading commodities into hoppers, containers, or conveyors; lubricating equipment and maintaining equipment; towing harvest equipment to the employer's fields; loading hay bales onto truck/trailer; applying pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer to crops; cleaning bins; loading grain trucks; cleaning and maintaining farm yards, grounds, and facilities; mixing materials and/or chemicals for planter or sprayer; recording information about crops, chemical use, and progress; seed cleaning; performing incidental maintenance, equipment cleaning, and repainting; changing oil as needed; equipment disassembly and reassembly; and thorough repairs. Daily duties may vary depending on crop, weather, and field conditions. Pay increase or bonus may be possible depending on experience or merit.

Special Requirements

Job requires having or being able to obtain a driver's license within 30 days of hire. Basic English literacy and math skills are required. Operating semi-trucks will call for a CDL. Employees will be lifting seed and inoculant bags. Drug screening and criminal background check may be possible post-hire at the employer's expense to ensure safety on and around the worksite and public roads since employees will be operating heavy machinery on public roads.
Employees will be given time for lunch and breaks during the work contract.

Employer Contact Info


[email protected]

Did you know that... there are 2 types of H-2 visas?

Agricultural workers get H-2A visas. H-2B workers are in non-agricultural jobs like construction.

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