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Published on Jun 01 2023

Farmworkers And Laborers

$12.41  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Aug 15, 2022 to Mar 31, 2023


Alva Land Management Associates, LLC
18311 NW 96th Street

Okeechobee, FL 34972
United States

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Job description

Workers will perform assigned duties as instructed by their supervisor. Duties may vary from time to time. Following the Supervisors instructions, the worker will place a picking sack over their shoulder and carry a 18' to 20' ladder from the field truck to the particular area of the grove to be harvested. The picking sack is a canvas bag equipped with a shoulder strap for support, an opening for the insertion of fruit, and an opening to remove fruit. A fully loaded sack weighs approximately 80 to 100 pounds, depending upon the size, condition, and variety of fruit. A ladder is placed against a tree within reach of the fruit in a leaning position. While taking care not to break limbs, damage the tree, knock off fruit, or interfere with other workers, in a secure position to prevent slipping or falling and possible injury to themselves or other workers. Workers will remove fruit from the tree and place into a pick sack. When the pick sack is full, take the full sack to the fruit tub located in the grove. Drop fruit from pick sack into the tub. In order to perform this kind of work, the worker must be able to work outside for at least 7 hours a day in all kinds of weather and be in possession of the requisite physical strength and endurance to repeat the picking process rapidly, working quickly and skillfully with their hands, and carrying a large number of sacks of fruit from the area in which the fruit is being harvested to the location of the tub.

General Clean-up of Grove Property and Housing for Harvesting Workers: Workers on physical work restrictions or when harvesting work is not available may be required to perform miscellaneous clean-up work on grove property, on structures utilized in the grove operation, and on housing for harvesting workers. Such clean-up activities may be performed regularly or in the event of a hurricane/tropical storm that may include the planting, sprouting, trimming, pruning, and painting and maintenance of trees; debris, weed, and vine removal; irrigation repair; housing and structure cleaning and repair; and general grove clean-up as required. May be necessary to assist in the use and repair of farm equipment such as tractors, trucks, Goats/Loaders, buses, trailers, and harvest machinery, etc. It is estimated that 80% of the time will be spent growing and maintaining, and 20% harvesting the products. Workers will be paid the highest of the adverse effect wage rate, the prevailing wage rate, or the applicable minimum wage rate for time spent performing such clean-up work.

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