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Published on Feb 07 2023

Nursery Workers

$13.67  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Feb 20, 2023 to Jun 1, 2023


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125 Munson Road
Cheneyville, LA 71325
United States

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Job description

Workers will plant, cultivate and tend to field grown trees and prepare trees for shipment (60%). Operate, prepare and maintain nursery vehicles and equipment (5%). Fertilize, spray, weed, thin, space and water trees and sugarcane using hand tools, gardening tools and tractor. Prune and shape trees for quality. Space and prepare planting areas and fields. Record information about variety and growth. Load and unload trees, planting tools and materials. Maintain and repair and lay irrigation. Cut and transplant cuttings and trees. Work in groups to dig, ball and burlap trees, tie up and label for shipping (30%). Workers may also be requested to select plants for shipping. Duties may include reading orders to ascertain sizes, types and quantities of plants and obtaining plants from nursery (5%). Clean work areas, and maintain grounds and landscaping. Attend class for pesticide training. Workers with a valid license and doctor's certificate may transport other workers in vehicles provided and insured by the employer and be offered additional hours.

Allergies to ragweed, goldenrod, honey bees, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or related chemicals may affect a worker's ability to perform the job. Persons seeking employment in this position must be available for the entire period requested by the employer. Employer reserves the right to discharge an obviously unqualified worker, malingerer or recalcitrant worker who is physically able but is unwilling to perform the work necessary for the employer to grow a premium quality product, or for any other lawful reason.

Employer may request, but not require, workers to work more than the stated daily hours and/or on a worker's Sabbath or federal holidays. Workers will have an unpaid lunch break. Worker must report to work at designated time and place each day. Daily or weekly work schedule may vary due to weather, sunlight, temperature, crop conditions, and other factors. Employer will notify workers of any change to start time.

TERMINATION. All workers will be subject to a 2 day introductory period, during which the employer will evaluate workers' performance of required tasks. Employer reserves the right to terminate a worker at the conclusion of the 2 day introductory period if the worker's performance fails to satisfy the employer's reasonable expectations, or is otherwise unacceptable. Employer may terminate a worker for lawful job-related reasons, including but not limited to situations in which the worker: (1) Is repeatedly absent or tardy; (2) malingers or otherwise refuses, without cause, to perform the work as directed; (3) commits act(s) of misconduct or repeatedly violates the Work Rules; and/or (4) fails, after completing the 2 day introductory period, to perform work in a competent and skillful manner, consistent with the employer's reasonable expectations. Non-U.S. workers may be displaced as a result of one or more U.S. workers becoming available for the job during the employer's recruitment period. Job abandonment will be deemed to occur after five consecutive workdays of unexcused absences. Workers may not report for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Possession or use of illegal drugs or alcohol on company premises is prohibited and will be cause for immediate termination. Regardless of whether the employer requires a background check as a condition of employment, the employer may terminate for cause, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, any worker found during the period of employment to have a criminal conviction record or status as a registered sex offender that the employer reasonably believes will endanger the safety or welfare of other workers, company staff, customers, or the public at large.

Special Requirements

Work outside in extreme weather conditions including hot, cold and/or wet weather. Perform prolonged walking, stooping, pushing and pulling, bending, reaching, lifting and carrying up to 50 lbs. Drug testing is conducted post-hire at the employers expense and is not part of the interview process.

Employer Contact Info


[email protected]


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J-1 visa holders are given a 30-day grace period to prepare to return to their home country?

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