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Published on Sep 29 2023

Agricultural Equipment Operators

$17.34  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Jul 7, 2023 to Nov 30, 2023


9707 Burlingame Ave. SW
Byron Center, MI 49315
United States

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Job description

Agriculture Equipment Operator to operate equipment used to harvest cabbage, corn and squash. Must have the correct type of license required by State and Federals laws, and drivers responsible for transporting workers will be required to have a valid and unexpired Federal Farm Labor Contractor or Federal Farm Labor Contractor Employee Registration with driving authorization. Will be responsible for operating the vehicles used to move crops on the farm. Must be able to safely operate the buses that are used to transport workers to and from work sites. Should be able to provide proof of accident-free driving record and background. Workers may be requested to submit to random drug or alcohol tests at no cost to the worker. Failure to comply with the request or testing positive may result in immediate termination. Operate forklifts and equipment used to move supplies and harvesting equipment in the field. Maintain harvest equipment. Must be able to reach, bend and lift items weighing 60 pounds. Must be able to work outdoors in dusty/dirty conditions, at extreme heat and cold inclement weather. Must be able to listen to, understand, and follow simple instructions of supervisors and dispatcher. Must be able to work in fields where ants, snakes and poison ivy are encountered. The alternative work is truck maintenance and farm maintenance – including the repair, irrigation, vehicles and various equipment and tools used on the farm. Use of personal cell phone or other personal electronic device during working hours strictly prohibited except for work-related calls or emergencies and violation may result in immediate termination. Workers will supply his/her own work clothes. Employer will provide tools and equipment. The tools and equipment will be returned to the employer at the end of each task for proper cleaning and sanitation per food safety guidelines. Worker will be charged for any willful damage, loss or failure to return such tools and equipment. Worker is required to perform any task and abide by all rules in any area at any time within this job description and job order. Failure to abide by any task or any rule in this job descriptions and/or job order will subject the worker to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Special Requirements

See Addendum C/Ver Addendum C

Employer Contact Info


[email protected]

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