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Published on Apr 13 2024


$18.65  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Aug 1, 2023 to Feb 14, 2024


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MADERA, CA 93637
United States

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Job description

Workers must have at least 3 months of experience birthing livestock with herds of 200 head or larger on pasture. One reference required. The following seasonal duties will need to be performed. Herder will need to move pregnant cows from winter grazing grounds to calving grounds. Be able to identify signs of cows going into labor and identify potential problems during the labor process. Know how and when to assist during difficult births. Be able to properly constrain cows for difficult births and able to graft orphan calves to mothers. Ability to identify herd health issues including but not limited to malnutrition of cows and calves, prolapse and mastitis. Provide water to animals, including minor maintenance of water troughs and water lines. May need to haul water in truck to supplement animal water needs. May need to provide supplement feed for the cows and calves. Disperse livestock to reduce overcrowding and increase the success of mother and calf bonding. Protect vulnerable livestock (calves & cows in labor) from predators. Move cows and calves to branding grounds and assist in Branding, Castrating, Vaccinating, tagging, and worming. Ability to safely rope and or catch calves with a hook. Move cows and calves to summer grounds. May assist on an incidental basis in the production of sheep and/or goats. This may include but not limit to docking, shearing, herding, trailing, vaccinating, sorting and loading onto trucks for transporting or transport to market. The worker must be able to saddle and ride a horse or mule in a safe and effective manner such as to avoid injury to self, coworkers, bystanders, or the animal itself. The worker may be required to shoe horses for his use. The worker must also be able to use a 4-wheeler in a safe and effective manner. Western Range Association and its member ranches facilitate practices of good animal husbandry. Employees that are found abusing, neglecting or abandoning livestock entrusted to their care may be terminated for cause. If the negligent/abusive actions of an employee result in the loss/death of livestock/animals or cause harm to another person, the employee may be held accountable for these actions. The worker will live in the employer provided housing. Said housing will be clean and in good repair at the time it is provided to the employee. The employee is responsible to maintain the housing unit in a reasonable level of cleanliness in order to avoid flies, mice or other vermin. The employee is responsible to alert the employer of damage to the housing unit within a reasonable amount of time. The employee may be held accountable for damage to the housing unit that is the result of a dishonest or willful act or by the gross negligence on the part of the employee (normal wear and tear excepted).

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