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Published on Jun 01 2023

Crew Boss

$25.95  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Jul 14, 2023 to Oct 20, 2023


1400 Washington St.
Waverly, MO 64096
United States

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Job description

Helps with the directing and organizing of the pickers. Works as a tractor driver to make sure that bins are in the correct area for pickers to continue picking fruit. In charge of marking bins in the field and checking for the correct size and color of the fruit. Keeps track of time and hours worked on an iPad also used for marking bins. Crew Bosses will use iPads to mark bins and enter them in to the picking system. Will need some basic understanding of how to use an iPad. Crew Bosses will also be asked to help move crew members around with the help of a fully federally inspected mini bus or van.

Special Requirements

Driving Requirements will include driving tractors to move bins and mini buses or vans to move employees to orchards, housing , laundry and shopping.

Peters Orchards Inc. will deduct Federal Income and State Tax (if applicable) and any other required deductions
from U.S. workers.

Employer Contact Info


[email protected]


Did you know that... most J-1 workers who work more than 40 hours a week

(and in some states, more than 8 hours a day), can get paid "time and a half?"

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