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Published on Jan 20 2022

Cdl Driver

$20.00  per hour
Visa required: H-2A
From Mar 1, 2022 to Jul 31, 2022

1344 Mays Branch Rd.
Van Buren, AR 72956
United States

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Job description

bedding plants/perennials.
Worker will drive semi tractor-trailer truck to/from specified destinations; maneuver trucks into and out of loading and unloading positions. Worker must possess the ability to read a map, use GPS and successfully navigate to a specific location; complete electronic log book; regularly climb up and down, on, into and out of tractor and trailers; complete pre-trip and post-trip inspection and paperwork on trucks and trailers. Worker must be responsible for cargo which includes checking load before departing, securing load at all times, replacing or straightening up tipped or fallen plants, operate lift gate correctly, load and unload racks safely, secure unloaded racks at delivery location with plastic film, load up empty racks at each stop if available, move loaded racks around inside trailer to facilitate loading of empty racks, and report any damages or errors to office in shipment not in agreement with paperwork. Workers must be responsible for equipment including checking all fluid levels, keeping truck and reefer unit filled with diesel and DEF, checking tire pressures, reporting excessive tire wear, report and explain any damage to truck or trailer, and know how to operate and reset reefer unit. Workers will assist with the loading and unloading of delivery racks. Clean soiled lights, windows and mirrors. Add oil and engine fuel, as needed. Worker must possess a valid driver’s license, Class A CDL or equivalent; must be able/willing to drive in snow and possible hazardous conditions. May also drive other types of company vehicles. Insurable driver’s license required in order to drive company vehicles, including semi-trucks.
Workers must maintain a valid driver’s license, Class A CDL or equivalent and a clean driving record throughout employment and comply with applicable requirements of the United States Department of Transportation regulations.
Must pass a post-employment road test to gauge driving ability.
Employer uniformly conducts a post-employment DOT physical, background check and motor vehicle records check.
Workers need to work with sales representatives and/or merchandizer at the stores to assist in handling product including but not limited to unloading product, placing them in merchandizing tables, collecting plants and rolling racks.
Must have proficiency in English to communicate, read and comprehend traffic signage, and interact with roadway officials.While the employer does not require prospective applicants to take and pass a drug/alcohol test prior to a hiring decision, the employer has a no-exceptions drug/alcohol policy requiring newly-hired employees to take and pass an employer-paid drug/alcohol test. Every new hire must undergo testing before starting work with the company. All testing is conducted uniformly after an initial job offer has been extended and accepted by the new hire. If an employee tests positive, he/she is immediately terminated and paid for all hours worked between the first date of employment and the date of termination, if any. In the case of a non-local or foreign worker who is terminated for failure to pass a drug or alcohol test, the employer will arrange least-cost transportation to the worker's place of recruitment, at the worker's expense. Employer-paid post-employment random, upon suspicion and post-accident drug and alcohol testing required. Workers may not report for work while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The possession or use of illegal drugs or alcohol on company premises, including housing, is prohibited and will be cause for termination. Any worker who fails a mandatory drug or alcohol test and is unable to obtain the required licensing as a result will be terminated.
Tobacco use strictly prohibited on company property except for specifically designated areas.

Special Requirements

This job requires a minimum of 6 months verifiable prior experience driving/servicing semi tractor-trailer trucks. Workers must be able to perform all duties with accuracy and efficiency. Applicants must be able to furnish verifiable job reference(s) or comparable third party documentation from recent employer(s) establishing acceptable prior experience. Saturday work required. Sunday work may be offered, but is not required. Must be able to lift/carry 60 lbs. Post-hire employer-paid motor vehicle records, background check, motor vehicle records check, road test and drug/alcohol testing required. Valid drivers license, Class A CDL or equivalent, required. Proficiency in English required to communicate, read and comprehend traffic signage, interact with roadway officials and complete paperwork/electronic log books.

Employer Contact Info

[email protected]


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